Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Tour is (Almost) Road Ready

Summer escaping us quickly. We've taken delivery of our very spiffy Tour jackets, done a little warm-up show in Michael's backyard in Crystal Beach, ON— so now it's just details, details. It's the white knuckle business of negotiating truck leases, last minute contracts, shipping posters, getting press releases out there, booking plane tickets, hotels, providing stage plans, designing workshops, masterclasses, stocking up on harmonicas and guitar strings, buying insurance... Oh, yeah, and some interviews, pack a toothbrush, a laptop, a couple of smarty phones, digicamera, cables, Tourbook, spreadsheets, merch sheets, inventory sheets... There's never quite enough time, but I know it'll feel great to get behind the wheel in a couple of days. This is going to be a real good one. Lots of miles, lots of coffee.

I just sat on my front porch for a while and played slide guitar to my little street. Now it's back to one of these machines to wrap another day.

Last night I got my 63 Galaxie out on the Big Road and just popped the hammer down for old times sake. Burnt $20 with the shake of my shoe. I like that night air and seeing the red glow in my rear view mirror. Echo of my tail lights on a dark black road.

Somebody just picked up that Wednesday in Prince Edward Island, and I filled the Tuesday as well. Who needs a rest day? Only the lonely. Next post will be from my front row, hell no— mid stage seat— on the Blues Highway. I still got a Monday to fill south of Prince George... Who wants it?? Michael Pickett and I might well be coming to your town.

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