Friday, August 8, 2008

Long & McQuade, Lee Oskar Harmonicas on Board

I'm pleased to announce the corporate involvement of Canada's biggest and best music store, Long & McQuade, in the National Steel Blues Tour. Long & McQuade has stores from coast to coast and is the number one seller of musical instruments, PA's, recording equipment, and related accessories. They also do repairs and maintenance, and have fabulous, musician friendly rental and credit departments. I mean this. To me, music gear in Canada has always been Long & McQuade. Don't get me wrong— I still love the pawnshops and local little vintage shops— but when I need a PA, or a special mic, or a brand new whatever— Longs is where it's at. They gave me credit in the lean years, and I sure appreciated that. We'll be doing some pre-show, in-store masterclasses demonstrating resophonic guitars, slide technique, alternate tunings, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Michael will also give a brief harmonica workshop, no doubt tooting the virtues of the great Lee Oskar brand harmonicas he plays. Lee Oskar is a great guy and a big Michael Pickett fan. Jack and Jon Long have been steady supporters over the years. Watch for us in your Long & McQuade town or city! Dates will be posted over the next couple of days. This is great news! The Tour gets bigger!

I've still got a Wednesday in PEI. Hello, Charlottetown?

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