Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Drive day. We sleep in, hang with Richard, drink pots of coffee, do email, burn discs of the videos that Richard shot at the pub last night. I go for yet one more run in the rain in Quebec City. It’s cool today, so I’m fully covered. It’s a cold rain, but a treat to run through an unfamiliar landscape. I promised I wouldn’t go far, and after yesterday I’m watching my route for hill management. Still, it turns into a good hump around town.

It’s mid afternoon, dark and raining when we get out on the 40 highway, cross the big Pont, and head for New Brunswick. Once we clear Levis it's a fast road, and we make good time with little for company except the roaring semi trucks. My friends Colleen and Bob are going to put us up tonight. They live down in Hammertown, which took the brunt of this spring’s massive flood in the district. We wonder how their place held up. It looked good by the time we rolled in at 11:PM, but we did see pictures of the high water, and the house next door had had to be torn down. Great to see my old friends again and catch up on life. In the morning we’ll eat at Joe’s Diner and go check in with the Festival.


Pak Tuo said...

Ghee great info,how I wish I could get the first flight ticket.

Greeting from Malaysia.Pick it up from Micheal Picket web.
Got an Oscar gift from him.

Thanks great man.Never forget that ever.Will tell it to my grand's 'this harp is from Micheal.

Wish we had such fesitival down here.

Peace and keep

'the Good time Charlie gOT the Blues

Doc MacLean said...

Thanks for checking in with us, pak tuo. I know there are many people quietly following the Tour, so it's very nice to hear somebody say hello!