Monday, September 8, 2008

Bringing the Blues to Your Town, Quebec City

Up way too early this morning for no good reason. Richard Carr and I drink coffee in his kitchen while Michael catches up on rest. I’m tired, too, but my mind is still busy with details and I can’t sleep. I can't get wifi either. Just as well. It’s a nice day so I get out my running shoes and go for a few miles around the district. We’re in Beauport, an old eastern suburb of Quebec City. High on the hill, we can see Levis across the St. Laurence River, and the boat traffic moving past. In the distance, I can see the Chateau Frontenac overlooking the old city. It’s great to be here in this 400 year old town. My run turns into a bit of a workout as I meet hill after hill! I go way, way too far. I know it's going to hurt later on! As I limp back to Richard's place I am glad that I normally run a hill course around Toronto's High Park. Why am I reporting all this in the Tour blog you might ask? Because keeping healthy on the road is important, and fitness is important to any artist that wants to have a lengthy and productive career. At least that's what I preach. And I like to be trim, too.

Sound check is scheduled for 2:PM, so after brunch Richard, Michael and I head down to Limoilou. We are met by Mike DeWay, the booker, sound tech, and popular Quebec blues artist. Mike quickly made us welcome and got us set up for the evening. This is what the streetscape is like near the venue.

Back to Richard’s where we are joined by Manuela and are treated to a salmon dinner. As we eat, a giant rainbow appears over the river. We take this as a good sign. Our show is at the end of that rainbow. It’s a 9:00 start, with Richard opening, so we get back to the club by 8:30.

The Pub Limoilou is a nice little blues bar. By about 9:15 the place is filling up as Richard gets the night rolling. I have not heard Richard since he opened for Big Dave and I last year, and his vocals and guitar playing are sounding great.

Michael and I launch into our first set around 10:PM, and the place is pretty full. Are we good or what tonight? Before the second set we’ve filled a return date! It's a listening crowd, despite the amount of beer being consumed. At the end of the night they even sing along on a gospel number. I like this club. Jay Sewell comes out to say “hello.” He’s a Quebec based player I haven’t seen in quite a few years, and it was fun to catch up on old times. We raffle off another Tour jacket. Remarkably, Manuela wins the draw. Everyone is very excited and laughing. We sign cds and posters. Everybody hugs one and other. Nice. Yup, there still are some good bar gigs in the world.

After the show we have a bonfire on Richards front lawn (yes really), and sit talking until the night is nearly gone. Manuela has to be up in about an hour for work! Thanks Richard and Manuela for taking such good care of us in your town. I've got more pic, but can't get them uploaded today. Slow line, I guess. (Doc revisiting this Blog from Halifax: got 'em in now.)

We'll be back to play another Monday in Quebec City in exactly 21 days.

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