Monday, September 22, 2008

Pugwash, NS

A nice day for a run, so I’m up early and on the Dartmouth streets. We’re not doing a show tonight, so I can do some distance and it won’t matter if I’m tired later. Dartmouth is a pretty town for running, and I cover a whole lot of distnce going around a couple of small lakes in the town. Pretty, frame houses, big trees. Nice.

We have a nice drive up to Pugwash, NS, where we are to meet with our friend Andy Wainwright. He’s offered to put us up in his summer home for the evening. It’s close to the Confederation Bridge to PEI, so we’ll be well positioned to make our Tuesday show in an easy drive.

Andy’s house is amazing to these blues guys! Built on a cliff looking out over the ocean, it’s all air and sea. Eagles are overhead, foxes trot through the yard, deer amble by. We play a few tunes for Andy in his living room, and then settle in to watch— what else?— some great film footage of Bob Dylan in the early 1960’s. Great conversation. Great food. And a deep sleep with the wind roaring and the sea crashing outside.

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