Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bicentennial Theatre, Middle Musquodoboit, NS

This was a really nice night for us. Great sound, lights, nice people! The theatre was actually built in the 1920's and is quite wonderful. Ed and Cathrine (sorry if I didn't spell that right, there are so many ways) took us back to their farm after the show and kept us well entertained until the wee hours. I'll tell you more about the show and the farm, and the theatre later. I'm running short on time here today, so I'm just going to lay in some pics to give you an idea of how cool this show was for us.


Jipes said...

Looks like a beautiful venue for a great concert ! Nice farm and lovely animals. What was your meal during that stop I'm curious to know more about local dishes

Doc MacLean said...

Well, after the show we went back to the farmhouse and Ed went outside and pulled down a couple of dozen ears of corn. Straight into the pot. When corn is only 15 minutes from the stock you can't beat that! Butter, salt, pepper, optional. Cherry tomatos. Really sweet ones. Amazing. Red beer. Breakfast was pop-ups made with duck eggs. We had herb tea with great whacks of farm produced honey in it... Good, farm fare, with love.