Friday, October 17, 2008

Yorkton, SK, Anavet Club

Up not too early. Say good-bye to Susan, and on our way across the flatlands. West! It's like setting out on some great sea.

And the sky is totally wrap-around. The roads are pretty lonely, but for some truck traffic. I'm driving with extra caution today, as I am finding it difficult to judge distances for passing! It will take a day or so to get used to this great space.

We stop in at Slow Helen's in Melville, SK. Fishbelly White used to wash dishes here, back in the day. No sign of him now, and even the old promo pictures have been stolen, or removed from the walls. Still, it's a great lunch stop today.

Yorkton's a jumping little town. We check into our hotel, and then down to the venue for sound check and show. We're playing the ANAVET Club this evening, so no hats, please!

It's a very friendly room. The show goes very well. The place is pretty crowded. We have a number of blues fans come out wearing last year's jackets. The raffle for this year's coat goes very well. Here's the winner!

My great-grandfather lived here for 10 years, about 100 years ago. Strangely, his offices were in one of the surrounding buildings. I don't know which one, but at the same intersection we are located at for this show.

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