Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Stop, Black Diamond, AB

A cold day in Cochrane, Alberta, this morning. We say our thanks and good-byes to Randy and his family who have put us up— and put up with us— for the last three nights. It's been really nice, and we so appreciate the hospitality. Today it's Black Diamond, AB, for an afternoon show at the Stop. This is the place that had the chicken toss going last year. I'm pumped for this one because it was so much fun last time!

It was a nice drive down Route 22, by-passing Calgary. The mountains are off in the distance, building anticipation. We are going there soon. But not today. Today they tease, but the foothills are bouncing light, and the sky is blue for us.

At breakfast we meet Warren Harbeck, a famous journalist with the Cochrane Eagle, of Cochrane, AB. After a most compelling and fascinating conversation, we are on our way.

These photos seem to be all about me meeting people today. I'll take more snaps of Michael tomorrow, honest. Here's me and my pal Hoogy. He's a well known film cowboy, ex-real cowboy, and musician. Always great to see him. We have a great time hanging out between sets. I'll stop by on my way east next month, and we'll really catch up.

Here's the lucky winner of the Tour jacket raffle! Congrats Laddie!! This should impress the folks back in Scotland!!

Merch guard at the Stop.

Merch dealer at the Stop. Wanna buy a Tour Jacket? Raffle ticket? Couple of CD's for you, pal??

What would life be like without magazines like this to guide us? Black Diamond is no one horse town, that's for sure!

The show is relaxed, we play well. We are well fed. Kate and her staff take good care of us. The soup and sandwiches are everything one could want. A friendly crowd shakes hands and heads out into the early darkness. Here's the gang at the Stop as we say good-bye until next time.

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