Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lorenzo's, Enderby, BC

We’re sorry to see the last of Golden, it’s been a nice rest. But we do like to perform every night. It just seems easier to stay in motion than to stop, however briefly. We’re headed for Enderby, BC today. Lorenzo’s Café. This is a cool place that both Michael and I have played before. Lorne is a fine host. The whole scene is a little crazed and wacky. It’s just a warm and interesting stop that we are both looking forward to.

Back out onto the TransCanada Hwy. Westbound. It’s the Rogers Pass today, and we’re over the continental divide and yet another time zone. Snow up here, but none falling at the moment, thankfully. Close call with a couple of deer on the road out of town. But we’re OK, and we enjoy this ride. Yeah, we’re tourists and we take pictures of all these mountain views.

Enderby is over the big hump, in more of a valley area. Upper Kelowna perhaps? I’m not sure what they call this district. Lorenzo’s is several miles outside town. Rolling in early we are greeted by Lorne, do a quick set-up and sound check, and retire to our quarters above the Café. Michael naps. I elect to go for a run. I don’t feel as stiff as I thought I’d be from running Golden, BC. Here it seems pretty flat, so I head out on the backroad, down past the river, and up into the rolling ranch country. Barking dogs, llamas, cattle. A nice trot.

Showtime at Lorenzo’s. It’s a small crowd tonight, so we get to met everybody pre-show and chat. Lorenzo’s has a big, outdoor smoking porch. So there’s plenty of hanging out and plenty of conversation. The acoustics of this room are really quite wonderful, so we enjoy every moment of playing. At the end of the evening we stay up too late, shooting the breeze with Lorne. I crash hard, while Michael and Lorne hang until who knows when. This is a nice stop, for sure. Next time it will be a Friday or Saturday night!

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