Saturday, November 8, 2008

Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan, BC

Another early start. Not real early, but early enough. Again, we’ve got a ferry to catch and we’d rather be too early than too late arriving at our show. After hugs and good-byes we’re off to the ferry docks where we are to wait all of about fifteen minutes for our boat.

As we wait, the traffic builds behind us, so we are glad to know we’ll be getting on! The trip itself is long. We stop at a couple of other islands on route to Swartz Bay, Victoria. Here's the view from the deck...

Picking up Route One is easy, and it turns out to be a pretty drive up to Duncan, BC, where we are to play the Duncan Garage Showroom.

This is one of my favourite rooms in Canada, so I’m very glad to be here as we approach the end of this Tour. Last year Big Dave McLean and I sold this place out and had a fabulous time. But Michael and I are here early, and the place is locked up tight. Longevity John is nowhere in sight, nor are the many dogs which parade about with him. We go downstairs to the café for a bite to eat, and run into John. We also meet folks who have come over from Hornby Island and from Galleano Island to catch our show. That’s very cool, and we really, really appreciate the effort taken. This is a good sign— the show could be another sell out.

After lunch we check into our hotel for a short nap. The place is loud. I can hear the guys drinking at the bar downstairs. I can hear the guy across the hall playing guitar. I can hear two guys and two girls boinking upstairs. Michael has his earplugs in. I’m grateful that this is the worst hotel we’ve stayed at during the Tour. And that we’ll be outta here in the morning!! What a great view!

I take all my personal gear to the gig in the truck. No way am I leaving anything of value in this hotel room! John has us up and sounding good in short order! This is the 1061st show to take place in this venue, and he knows what he’s doing!

By the second set we sound really good. This is another good show. A real good one. No, we’re not sold out here, which is disappointing, but a nice crowd in one of the best small venues you’ll find anywhere! As always here, you never know who will show up to catch your performance. I thought this guy looked familiar... Iconic Canadian songwriter Joe Hall. Thanks for coming out, Joe. Great to see you!

The raffle is good, we play good. Here's tonight's winner!

We’re getting close to the end of this tour. Hard to believe. We’re gonna miss this. I know I am anyway. Out back there's a little smoking porch. This is where hungry dogs go to properly address their popcorn... Tonight, about ten of them... Dogs that is!

We go for a bite after the show. It's chain pizza tonight, and the waiter asks us, "how do you like your food, so far?" What kind of dumb-ass question is that anyway? Back at the hotel there is a band playing, and it is pretty loud in our room. They sound pretty strange, but eventually they stop. The lead singer and his girlfriend have a big fight upstairs. They're not smacking, but they are nagging. It sounds like a puppet show gone bad. Very bad. Eventually they boink and she leaves. She was loud and he was quick. Is this important to the NSBT? Probably not, but it is the nearest thing to sex I have to report. Michael is asleep by this time, and soon I will be, too. Sleep is good.

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