Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tour Now Half Sold!

A busy week at the virtual headquarters of the National Steel Blues Tour! The emails are flyin' and chunks of the Tour are starting to firm up into real route schedules. There's been quite a lot of early interest from Atlantic Canada. This is good, as the Tour gets there during its (currently) 2nd week out— so the early east coast dates will be played more than two months before the finishing west coast dates. With less lead time to take care of details, it is nicer to have the early stuff figured out early!

I'm going to post up some partial routes later tonight or in the morning. You'll see them somewhere to the right of this column. After this I'll simply update them as often as possible.

The spreadsheets tell me we're now about half booked for this adventure. I think this will quickly reach the three-quarter mark as the West Coast starts to confirm. Then, of course, there will be orphan days to fill. Kinda fun! We gotta fill 'em somewhere!!

Lastly, there are quite a few really great venue managers and bookers across Canada who are consistantly patient and helpful while I collect expressions of interest and then hone this info down into time frames, and finally working route schedules. Thanks. Michael and I — and indeed all the independent artists you deal with — really appreciate your support.

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